The Three Fields, Part 1: Nature

As the tagline of this research blog suggests, its interests are threefold: extreme sports, environmentalism, and gender. Since the literary-academic extension of environmentalism, ecocriticism, is probably the least well known of the three fields of research where my study is placed, it might be beneficial to briefly introduce it here. I will then in upcoming posts … Continue reading The Three Fields, Part 1: Nature


The Horrifying Research Plan

"Nobody panics when things go 'according to plan'. Even if the plan is horrifying." -The Joker A doctoral student's research plan is a document that usually isn't of interest to anyone but the doctoral student herself. Then there are some poor souls such as fellow seminarians, dissertation supervisors, and people in various grant committees that have to … Continue reading The Horrifying Research Plan

The Point Breaks: Extreme Environmentalism and Extreme Polyathletes

Nothing quite says "academic rigor" like a film review, so why not do just that: here are some thoughts on the 2015 remake of the 1991 cult classic Point Break. No, a movie doesn't necessarily need to be 'good' in order to become a cult classic. Quod erat demonstrandum. The original Point Break movie focused … Continue reading The Point Breaks: Extreme Environmentalism and Extreme Polyathletes

The First Post Post

So, the world is currently full of difficult problems. Glaciers are calving, species going extinct, refugees are in distress, a woman's dollar is still 78 cents, all the good characters in Game of Thrones keep dying, and what's the deal with Trump's hair anyway? These problems are all equally real (though some may be more important than others), but what's the one, surefire way, to deal with … Continue reading The First Post Post