The Three Fields, Part 3: Gender

This is the final installment of the three-part series on my various research fields. The previous part on sports is available here, and the first part, on nature, here. Now, gender is a very contested concept, and one that people are likely to have their own opinions on; opinions that may differ drastically from those … Continue reading The Three Fields, Part 3: Gender


The 2016 VAKKI Symposium

All pictures by me. And yes, there were actually quite a few more people present than those pictures would indicate (I was sitting up front and tried to not get too many people in the pictures besides the presenters and chair of the session). One year and one week ago I was extremely relieved, after … Continue reading The 2016 VAKKI Symposium

On Literature and the Environment

This week's blog post was originally going to be a follow-up to last week's post on nature but we'll interrupt our scheduled program with a quick announcement: I just received word yesterday that my book review proposal of The Cambridge Companion to Literature and the Environment, edited by Louise Westling, was accepted and will be … Continue reading On Literature and the Environment