On Literature and the Environment

This week’s blog post was originally going to be a follow-up to last week’s post on nature but we’ll interrupt our scheduled program with a quick announcement: I just received word yesterday that my book review proposal of The Cambridge Companion to Literature and the Environment, edited by Louise Westling, was accepted and will be published in Volume 15 No 1 of NJES, The Nordic Journal of English Studies.


This review was a long time in the making and its road to publication was a little bumpy so I’m quite happy to have finished this project. Book reviews are one facet of academic publishing and, although not as big of a deal as a ‘proper’ peer-reviewed article publication, still something that looks good in the publication list, especially for a junior researcher like me who can’t exactly yet boast of an extensive list of publications.

I wrote the review as part of my doctoral studies at the behest of my second dissertation supervisor. Essentially I was given a pile of recent ecocritical books by her to further deepen my expertise in the field and told to review one of them after finishing with the pile. The final review is about five pages in length, so it’s not a long paper by any means but still long enough to have been quite a lot of work. I did enjoy the reading and writing process, however.

I found the whole process quite educating, especially the publication process. I was originally considering to have it published in an ecocritical journal in an effort to start making a bit of a name for myself in the field but in the end the publisher ended up being more of a general English language and literature journal, which is also nice as this way I can promote recent research in my own field to a wider, less specialized academic audience.


I’m not sure when the actual publication comes out but when it does it will also be available online in open source format so I’ll link to it when it’s available. I won’t quote the review here as it would be bad form to do so before its actual publication but I can say that in general I liked the book and think that it is a valuable addition to the ecocritical field of research. So, let’s keep this short and sweet and wrap it up. Barring further pleasant surprises, next week’s blog will deal with the second of my research field trifecta, sports.

(Edited March 13, 2016: the book review is now available here. Just follow the URL in the link and then look to the bottom of the page for the last, and possibly least, of the contributions to the newest edition of the Nordic Journal of English Studies.)

Featured image (not visible in mobile theme) credit: military-history.us [sic]


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