One Country to Rule Them All

Alert: this blog post has acute lack of content, its only purpose being, in a characteristically Finnish manner, to bemoan how things are so much better in our neighbor to the West: Sweden. Want proof? This flyer is an example of the type of course arranged at the Linköping University this Spring.


Now don’t get me wrong, I enjoy working where I do and wish to pursue a career right where I am. It just blows my mind that there is enough interest so close by to do exactly the kind of research that fascinates me. A whole course on environmental humanities, ecocriticism, ecofeminism, posthumanism, etc. This type of course is something that I would love to attend in the future. And who knows, maybe in time something similar can be arranged even closer to home. This is certainly inspiring!

Now back to work, this was just a quick blog during lunch break while attending the also very interesting XXXVI VAKKI Symposium here at the University of Vaasa.

Featured image (not visible in mobile theme) credit:


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