Progress Update: Teaching, Travel, Terrorism

This week's blog is a fairly quick one for a change, or at least contains few words by myself but many by others. I'll try to write something with a little more content of my own next week, though. The reason for a short posting is that I've been keeping very busy this week. First, … Continue reading Progress Update: Teaching, Travel, Terrorism


Extreme Researcher Goes Ireland

I was meaning to be hard at work today at finishing my second article but my day got somewhat derailed when I was notified that my travel grant application to attend the 2016 Esse Conference in Galway, Ireland was accepted. This has meant that I have spent the latter part of the day making travel plans for … Continue reading Extreme Researcher Goes Ireland

Does This Change Anything? Or, “Is Earth F**ked?”

So I got Naomi Klein's latest book This Changes Everything (2015, originally published in 2014) as a Christmas present from Santa (or, since my three-year old is probably not reading this I can go ahead and say my lovely wife actually). I also just a couple of days ago watched the film that Klein made together with … Continue reading Does This Change Anything? Or, “Is Earth F**ked?”

Extreme Researcher Goes International

Fittingly enough, I'm writing this post sitting outside in warm sunshine just off the African Coast. However, before embarking on this week's actual blog post it's maybe worth noting that this blog is now ten posts old. I'm not entirely sure what that is in dog years but this baby sure is growing up fast. … Continue reading Extreme Researcher Goes International