Updates on Book Review, etc.

This weeks’s post is a quick one. Firstly, the book review that I announced a while back is now available online in open source format here (follow the URL in the link and then look to the bottom of the page for the last, and possibly least, of the contributions to the newest edition of the Nordic Journal of English Studies).

Also, I mentioned in the last post that I am applying for a travel grant to attend a conference in Ireland in August. I received the very good news this week that my proposal to attend a doctoral session was indeed deemed to be of high enough quality. Now, I am waiting to hear whether my proposal to present in a very interesting-sounding seminar on “Gendered Bodies” will also be accepted. Then, all that’s left to do is to wait whether I’ll get the travel grant. There is some stiff competition applying for the travel grant but I’m hoping my proposal will be good enough to qualify. This trip would be good for my own research in another way, too, as besides attending the conference and gaining the benefits that come along with it, I’d also get another opportunity to visit an interesting (though not internationally very well known) adventure sports destination and collect a further interview or two for my dissertation.

And finally, I slightly edited the previous post on nature that I wrote some time ago, based on feedback I received from my other supervisor (who is far too courteous to publicly criticize me). So, that’s about it for this week. New developments coming up next week again, I’m sure.

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