(Another) Progress Report

Well well, it seems I’ve been a lazy boy lately. Failing to blog last week meant that I’ve now had my first week of no new blog posts. My goal has been to update on roughly a weekly basis here so I feel kinda guilty of letting down the, err, huge masses of people who have grown accustomed to reading the, ahem, brilliant and original yet free new content on a regular basis. My defense is that I’ve been super busy these past two weeks, and have also had to deal with some annoying health issues that have affected both my productivity at work as well as my hobbies. I did have one week in February when I posted twice in one week, though, so we’re still kinda on schedule. I know I said in the last blog post that I’ll try to write something substantial next but this posting will once again be more of a progress report. I will end by writing down a to-do list of sorts where I’ll outline some future themes to be discussed. OK, enough metatext, let’s get down to business.

So, what’s been going on in the research life lately? First, I’ve now received enough feedback on my current article manuscript to start the, hopefully, final editing phase. The feedback was interesting because it was so mixed, i.e. it ranged from some people thinking the text almost ready for publishing and some people suggesting rewriting the whole thing. I must make my own way somewhere in the middle.

Second, a very nice and unexpected thing happened last week: I was approached from abroad and received a very intriguing preliminary proposal to participate in a super interesting new project. This proposal was also accompanied by some rather nice compliments on the quality of my research so far. Stuff like this doesn’t exactly happen very frequently so I was quite pleased with this. I do, however, realize that the compliments may partly be due to their presenter just being a nice and polite person. And, the proposed project is still in such preliminary stages that it’s way too early to tell whether it will actually materialize at some point, and whether I would play any role in it. Still fun, though. I can’t really talk more about it at this point but I’ll definitely tell if there’ll be some concrete advancement that could also be publicly announced.

Third, my recent teaching obligations have kept me pretty busy, too. And, fourth, right now is the season of receiving or not receiving research grants. I have a couple grants pending and find it kinda hard to concentrate on things until I find out whether I receive financing to continue my research full-time. The University of Vaasa Graduate School announced their scholarships (of which I’ve been fortunate to enjoy this past year) and grants just this past week, and I found it very encouraging that a colleague of mine received a grant for her feminist research project. The reason that I find it encouraging is because there has lately been so much talk in Finland in general, and in my own university also, of dwindling funding opportunities for humanities scholars. So, if the Graduate School funds explicitly feminist emancipatory research, it gives hope to other researchers in the humanities, as well, that it’s not only “business-oriented” research that the money will go to.

Fifth, I received word of two new abstract acceptances within the last two weeks: My poster presentation abstract in the ESSE Conference in Ireland was accepted. This means that I will have two presentations there. And, I received word that my abstract for the SUMS (Finnish society for masculinities scholars) Seminar in Tampere in May was accepted. Looking forward to present my research in both these occasions.

So, that’s what’s been going on lately. Then, let’s finish with a quick look on what I hope to write about in the future.

1) I want to write about my recent thoughts on ethnographic methodology. I’ve been traveling a lot this spring and have recorded lots of field notes that might be interesting to briefly discuss here. 2) I also want to write about the meaning of some recent manifestoes relating to the environment especially. 3) I’ve also read some interesting research lately that I would like to share. 4) And, I would also like write on some recent phenomena in contemporary culture.

So, ’til next time. I’ll try not to miss another week of posting.

Featured image (not visible in mobile theme) credit: farmers6thgrade.weebly.com


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