Open Access Cutting Edge Environmental Research and an Update on SUMS 2016

This blog post disseminates some current research news. First, Bloomsbury has started a very cool new book project that includes offering interested readers free, open source access to current, top-level ecocritical/environmental humanities research: Here’s a link to the free stuff.

I personally think this is great, and can’t wait to read these books. Also, it may be of interest to environmentally oriented researchers that this Environmental Cultures project is also specifically requesting contributions from junior scholars. More info on the project here. I just today found out about this, so I haven’t even myself had time to check out all the stuff they have to offer, but it certainly looks promising.

Second, the annual seminar of the Finnish society for masculinities scholars (SUMS) announced the schedule for their 2016 event in Tampere, Finland. Yours truly is placed in the second session titled “Work, Media, and Violence”. I’m guessing my presentation falls under the media heading. Part of the program below (in Finnish), looks promising. My presentation could be translated as: “From Protest Masculinity to Ecomasculinity: Representations of Male Adventure Athletes’s Nature Relationships in Contemporary Media”.


Credit: screenshot from my phone (battery seems to be alarmingly low), content from

I’ve got the slot right after the coffee break, so hopefully people will be so hopped up on caffeine that they won’t fall asleep during my presentation. That’s it for this short post, more stuff coming along soon.

Featured image (not visible in mobile theme) [And, it seems only part of the picture is showing even in “Full Site Theme”. My 10-year-old laptop seems to be a little cranky again. Anyway, the full name of the book’s author is Hubert Zaph.] credit:


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