Touching the Mountain

I know I’ve once again been a little quiet on the blog front recently and I was just about to remedy that with a little post on Deleuze and Guattari’s concept of the rhizome. Then this thing by Salomon Running TV popped up in my social media feed and I couldn’t resist doing a short piece on it and delaying the post on the rhizome until a slightly later date.

I’ve lately been real busy editing the second draft of my second article in the hopes that I could get it ready in the next couple of weeks. My planned third article that I’m already thinking about deals with how male mountain athletes experience the material reality of the natural world where they do their sports, and how seemingly simple things such as touch are both experienced by them, and how those experiences are then represented in commercial media.

I know some researchers jealously guard their research topics in fear that someone might ‘steal’ them but I don’t really worry about that stuff. As far as I know I’m pretty much the only one working on something even remotely like this, and so even if someone else would want to write about this stuff that would only be a positive thing as it would generate more buzz around these issues.

Anyway, I’ll not do any analysis here (again) but this video will most likely make it into the pile of research material that I will analyze in my upcoming article. I’ve already got other stuff lined up that fits the bill but this one was funny as it so explicitly deals with some of the issues that I want to write about. It’s got the relationship to nature:


The dimension dealing with haptics:


And loads of other stuff to boot. I would recommend watching the whole video below (Or possibly above. Actually, I’m not sure if it’s visible here at all since my ten-year old Mac at home is acting up again. Anyway, if it’s not I’ll fix it when I get to my office. In the meantime, the video can be found by, for example googling “salomon running tv season 5 outliers” or something like that):

Next, before the rhizome mentioned above, I should write about some very good recent research news (you can also check the twitter feed in the blog’s sidebar for that), and I’m also gonna blog about the masculinities conference/seminar that I’m attending at the end of the week. Til’ then!

All images and video credit: Salomon Running TV



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