Research News: “It’s a Glorious Thing to Be Funded”

The title quote is from a senior scholar at English Studies here at the University of Vaasa upon hearing the good news that I received further funding for my research. I concur wholeheartedly with it.

So, what happened was that I received a one-year research scholarship from Etelä-Pohjanmaan kulttuurirahasto (Southern Ostrobothnia Cultural Foundation) to continue writing my dissertation. This means that I get to focus full-time in my writing process. It also means that my exchange period abroad in the fall will happen as I now have the money to do it. This is altogether great news, and I am very grateful for the opportunity, and grateful to the Viljo Syrenius Foundation whose funds the money comes from.

I have been fortunate enough to enjoy a one-year scholarship granted by the University of Vaasa Graduate School (funded by the University of Vaasa Foundation) since August, and getting this new scholarship means that I’m now financially secure until August 2017, when I would hopefully already be fairly close to finishing my dissertation.

The grants were handed out at the city hall in Vaasa, Finland, and the celebrations were quite fancy:


A closeup of the official decision diploma:




So, now’s the time to roll up the sleeves even further up than before and try to work as hard as possible so that I can squeeze out the maximum benefit of this great opportunity.

For a list of all the recipients of grants of various sizes, see here. My scholarship looks like this (in Finnish, but it states the title of my dissertation project and the sum, 24 000 €):

Fil. maisteri Harri Salovaara
24 000 € miespuolisten seikkailu-urheilijoiden luontosuhdetta käsittelevään väitöskirjatyöhön, Viljo Syreniuksen rahastosta

Getting the scholarship would not have been possible without the support from my peers, and the support and firm guidance from my thesis supervisors. Their kind yet critical and insightful comments have forced me to really buckle down and improve my writing, and I’m glad to see it is paying off like this. My peers have also benefited from the superb supervision, and we now have several funded researchers writing their dissertations, which is a great situation.

This was a quick announcement-type post that was already due a week. I’ll next write a few things about the men’s studies conference I attended this Friday at the University of Tampere, Finland.

All pictures credit: either me or my wife.


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