Hysteresis, Time, and Change

I'm not sure if "fun" is the right word here but let's just go with it. It's always kinda "fun" when a theoretical concept that you've been toying with all of a sudden gets real. This is what happened when the University of Vaasa (i.e. my university) announced last week that they will transfer their … Continue reading Hysteresis, Time, and Change


Interesting New PhD Project: “The Ultra Ethnography”

"Sport is a powerful vehicle for enriching individual and societal well-being and development. Participation in sport results in improved physical, mental, and social health for individuals, families, and societies." The above is a quote from the "Context" part of Ian MacNairn's (University of Calgary) PhD project that aims to find out how community is built in … Continue reading Interesting New PhD Project: “The Ultra Ethnography”