ESSE 2016 Conference

I’ve been busy lately preparing for my imminent departure to Hacettepe University but I thought I’d write just a few quick words on the recent conference trip to Galway, Ireland, at the end of last month. It seems that I’ve lost most of the pictures I had of the conference but here is the post from this spring with some photos of the conference venue as well as some more info on the event itself, etc. This post unfortunately doesn’t have many pictures, then. Well, apart from the dinky Guinness shot above (not visible in mobile theme) and some random pics that were spared in my phone.


They had a Shakespeare exhibition going on during the conference.

This was my first international conference trip, and as such, I thought it was pretty educational and if and when I do more of these in the future, I’ll then have a better idea of what to expect and where to best expend my energy.

Overall, the conference experience was OK. I say only “OK” because if I’m being honest with myself, then I have to admit that, due to maybe having too high expectations, parts of the conference were a bit disappointing. I had been expecting the level of the presentations to be super high but was pretty surprised to see that often they didn’t even match the level of the presentations that I’ve seen in small, local conferences back home.


Listening to Irish author Colm Toibin’s pretty interesting lecture.

Also, another thing I learned was that if I truly want to make the best possible use of my time attending conferences, then I should probably stick to more specialized ones, i.e. ones where the other attendees would share at least some of my own research interests. In this conference the only common factor for attendees was that they are somehow involved in ‘English studies’.

Well, live and learn. My expenses for the trip were paid, so even though the trip wasn’t quite as fruitful as I had hoped, I at least didn’t have to pay for it myself. Also, it was fun visiting a new corner of the world, even though I obviously focused mostly on the business side of the trip. And I guess it was useful to get more experience presenting my own work, too.


The conference dinner included a nice performance of traditional Irish dancing.

So, I’ll now start packing for my trip to Hacettepe University in Ankara, Turkey, where I’ll do my student exchange. I’m looking forward to that, and I’ll try to find the time to update my blog while I’m there. Until then (or, o zamana kadar as the Turks say if google translate is to be trusted…)!


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