Turkey Diaries: Part VIII (The Report Card)

Well well, the end truly is nigh. Christmas is upon us and my time here in Turkey is drawing to an end. It’s now less than a week until I’m sitting in a plane headed back home. Hopefully. Winter has definitely arrived but from what I hear, the airport in Ankara usually functions perfectly well in winter conditions, too. They are, after all, used to it here. And, hopefully there won’t be anymore crazy things happening here like in the past week or so (meaning the bombings in Istanbul and the recent shooting of the Russian ambassador a kilometer from my apartment).

This week’s post is a quick one, I’ll just share the latest news on how I’ve done at my Culture and the Environment course and then get back to writing my term paper.


Contemporary photography by extremeresearcher: Irony I.

After this week’s meeting we got our final feedback from our teacher. All the students on the course had grown with the demands of the course during the past three months, and received reasonably good grades for their work. As for myself, I was very happy (and positively surprised) to find out that I had received the highest possible marks at all three of  my response papers as well as scoring a perfect hundred in my midterm exam. Yey!


Contemporary photography by extremeresearcher: Irony II.

The exam was an “open–book” one so we were allowed to use any materials we saw fit. I wrote four pages on ecofeminism and how ecomasculinity could be a potential strategic ally to it.


My desk during the exam.

Before coming here I really had no idea how I would do on this course, so it has been really nice to get such positive feedback from my teacher here. And, she has been super nice in helping me network. For example, if it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t have been offered the gig facilitating the EASLCE webinars that I talked about in last week’s post.


I had to do some old–fashioned pen–and–paper thought maps to get some clarity in my thinking. Unsurprisingly, also my term paper deals with masculinities issues. The book that accidentally ended up in the picture is Ursula K. Le Guin’s scifi classic The Left Hand of Darkness, which I think will be on the reading list when I’m teaching English lit in the spring. Bought it at a local bookshop here in Ankara, together with Virginia Woolf’s Orlando, which I’m almost certain will be on the list.

So all in all things have gone really well. Of course, there are no guarantees that I’ll do as well in the final exam on Monday, and then there’s the term paper also, which is very important. So, we’ll see. I will, of course keep you updated on how things will go.

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2 thoughts on “Turkey Diaries: Part VIII (The Report Card)

  1. Congrats, good luck with thr exam and welcome back to good old Vaasa!
    From the whole Engl studies group!


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