2016 Year in Blogging Review

I started this blog 4 January 2016+today is 4 January 2017=this blog has its one-year birthday today! It’s been an interesting ride, thanks to all the people who have followed along and bothered to comment, either in public or in person!

The stated goal in my first post was to blog roughly on a weekly basis. Hey, I did also say that I’d write my PhD in three years. Things change. I did, however, manage to post altogether 36 blog posts, so  3 posts per month on average. It’s not that bad, especially considering that I went through a bit of a low patch around the summer. And hey, maybe I’m just such a quality control freak that I only approve the most brilliant posts to be published?


Credit: emojiisland.com

Aaaanyway… I don’t quite think that I can quit my day job just yet and start make a living as a blog writer. However, just the fact that people continue to read the blog is cool, especially as I haven’t followed many of the golden rules of blogging, such as blogging on a nearly daily basis, pestering your friends to read it, tirelessly self-promoting in your other social media channels, etc. (Shameless nepotistic plug: for an example of a popular blog, check out my sister’s (Swedish-language) blog that is very popular, even though she only updates it very infrequently and certainly doesn’t pester anyone about reading it.)

So what’s next in the research blogging world? Not too much, actually. I’ll keep writing new posts whenever I feel like it, on pretty much any topic I feel like that is even remotely connected to my research. Just like before. I may also change the layout and structure of the blog a little bit to make it more into a sort of personal website. This would also make it work better if I intend to use the blog when I’m collecting online ethnographic data later on. But, we’ll see. Anyway, thanks again for all the readers and have a great 2017!

Featured image (not visible in mobile theme) credit: punchbowl.com


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