‘Tis the Scholarship Season


I’ve been too busy to blog lately, as most of my time has gone to writing funding applications. I’ve been lucky enough to receive funding the past two scholarship seasons, i.e. spring 2015 (from The Graduate School of the University of Vaasa) and 2016 (from The South Ostrobothnian Foundation), but I now need one more grant to be able to get my thesis done by the end of the next academic year. So, I’ve been busy updating my research plan, collecting references from my supervisors, reading all the small print in the application forms, etc.

In January and February I’ve also done a small amount of teaching, which has added to the sense of being busy. As a scholarship holder I wouldn’t necessarily need to teach because of the money, and doing too much teaching would also take away from my research time (which is what I’m being paid to do), but since my aim is not “just” to finish my thesis but also to eventually land an academic post in a university, I do need to take on some teaching to qualify me for that. There’s no way anyone would hire a fresh doctor with no teaching experience and, besides, I happen to like teaching, and when it isn’t taking up too much time from my primary objective, I see it as a positive thing.


Yeah the pics in this post aren’t exactly the most riveting but those deep in the know can maybe conclude based on them where I have applied for funding.


Anyway, all the main funding applications have now been sent on their way. I’ll still try to see if I could also get funding for my travel to an upcoming ecocriticism conference in Västerås, Sweden, this spring. Last year I was fortunate to get a grant from the Graduate School of the University of Vaasa to travel to the ESSE conference in Galway, Ireland, but they’re not offering those grants this year so I’m browsing online to find a generous donor. We’ll see.

Anyway,  I’ll now return to that browsing. Then, later on in the week I’m traveling to the Arctic once again for a combined business and pleasure trip: first, I’ll join the Abisko Ice Climbing Festival in Sweden for some days, then stay on for a couple of extra days for some skiing, then pick up my family from a nearby train station and head to Norway to spend some quality time with them, while also attending my second-ever SkiMo race. Should be a fun trip, and I’m also continuing with my ethnographic study during the trip.

After the trip I’ll then continue tinkering with my third article while waiting to hear from the reviewers of my second article. The review process for the second article, unfortunately, is a lengthy one with an estimated turnaround time of 6-9 months so it’ll probably be a while before there’s any news on that. But, I’m very excited about my third article also, especially as it should eventually be published in an actual book. Fingers crossed. I’ll write more next month when I have more time.


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