The Waiting Game

Well I ain’t waiting for Godot but it seems like that’s about the only thing missing from the waiting list. In no particular order:

I sent an article manuscript to a prominent ecocritical journal early this year but last I checked, its status has not changed, meaning it has not even been looked at by the journal editor yet. Well they did say that their turnaround time is 6-9 months so I guess there’s nothing left to do but wait.

I’m involved in a book project that has been going on for what seems like a very long time. Last I heard from it, us proposed contributors were told that we’d hear of the final go-ahead by beginning of April at the latest. Still waiting. It’s a nice thing to wait for, though, assuming that everything goes well. [edit May 23, we got the final go-ahead, yeay!]

I was supposed to travel to Sweden to an ecocriticism conference next week. I was waiting for a long time to hear from the organizers regarding the conference program, etc. and when I finally asked today, I was told that since I hadn’t properly finalized my registration, I can’t attend. They could of course have notified me of my silly mistake but instead decided to just “assume that I was not coming”. Well I guess that’s one way of handling things. Not the way  I would have handled it when I was organizing a conference but oh well, at least I don’t have to wait any more. And, to be honest, it WAS my mistake in the end.

I’m waiting to hear from a couple of scholarship foundations whether or not I’ll get funding to continue pursuing my PhD. Kind of a big deal, so the waiting’s kind of eating into my concentration. Well, nothing much to do but wait.

First of August I’m transferring with most of my colleagues to the University of Jyväskylä (since the University of Vaasa kicked us all out). There’s still very little concrete information on the specifics of how exactly that will happen. Visits to and from Jyväskylä keep getting cancelled for mysterious reasons, and some of them have tried to screw over the transferring PhD students by demanding from us things that were already supposed to be settled. Since we protested, we were told that we’re right and that new and for once correct information will be sent immediately. Still waiting for that to happen. The level of unprofessionalism in some parts of this transfer thing is just staggering. Well let’s wait, I’m sure it’ll all be alright…

I’m waiting to hear when the new issue of the European ecocriticism journal is published. I should have a book review essay published there so would be nice to finally see it.

The date for the next EASLCE webinar (which I’m coordinating) was set for May 20 already some time ago. The webinar promises to be very interesting but there seems to be some obstacle to actually officially publishing it in the relevant websites. This would be important to properly advertise the event in good time. I hope this will get settled soon but for now, I can’t really do anything else but wait for things that are not in my control to happen.

So that’s about it for the waiting list. Now there’s just waiting then. Could be worse I guess, like it is for ol’ Townes:

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