EASLCE Webinar on Ecophobia

I’m glad to announce the new EASLCE (The European Association for the Study of Literature, Culture, and the Environment) webinar also here on extremeresearcher. The webinar is hosted by prominent ecocritic Simon Estok and will take place on 20 May.

I first got acquainted with Simon Estok’s work and his ecophobia concept during my course on ecocriticism at Hacettepe University, and it’s a pleasure to spend more time on this topic. Arranging this webinar was a lengthy process that is of course not over until after the webinar but it has been interesting. I was originally planning to advertize the webinar here to get more participants but as it is, we received so many registrations in a short time that we had to already close the registrations. This  level of interest looks promising considering the next webinar, however.

Linked here is the announcement with all the info and reading lists, etc. Like I said, new registrations are no longer possible but the reading list may be of interest, and you can also look for the webinar transcript to appear in the future. For a quick look at what we’re dealing with, check out this sub-2 minute video below that is part of the reading/watching list.

Featured image (not visible in mobile theme) credit: wordinfo.info


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