New Book Review Out

This winter I wrote a book review essay of Hubert Zapf’s excellent new book Literature as Cultural Ecology. Zapf is an important figure within current ecocritical scholarship, and it was an honor to be asked to review his newest book. Writing a three or four page essay isn’t of course as big of a deal as a proper academic article publication but it’s still another small step on the path of hopefully becoming a “real” academic professional.



The review was published in the most important European ecocritical journal, Ecozon@ (don’t ask what the “@” stands for, my guess is that it’s just meant to convey the hipness and contemporary cutting-edginess of the journal). The journal is an online open access one, which means that maybe it isn’t quite as distinguished-looking as a big printed journal, but it also means that it’s accessible to a wider audience, which is nice. Plus it’s a well respected journal, which is of course also a good thing. It’s my first publication in an ecocritical journal but I’m hoping that there will soon be others.

Here are the Table of Contents for the newest edition of Ecozon@, you can look for my review essay under “Book Reviews” (duh). Much of the rest of the new issue is devoted to South Atlantic Ecocriticism, and I’m sure those readers interested in that can find lots of interesting stuff among the contents. If you’re looking for Zapf’s book, it can be purchased from Amazon and all the usual places.

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