Busy Weeks

It’s been a busy couple of weeks. I wrote a bit of a negative post a while back about things being so uncertain and having to just wait for stuff to happen, but luckily there’s been lots of movement on that front lately.

First, the EASLCE webinar on ecophobia took place last weekend and I’m happy to say that it was a


Credit (again): onlinemoviequotes.com

Weeks before the webinar I had been stressing whether or not we get a good enough crowd and then I was stressing how can we actually accommodate the unexpectedly large crowd from several continents into the webinar’s video call platform thingy. This meant that I wasn’t able to concentrate quite as much on chairing the session as on the technical minutae but I was relieved that not only did the webinar go without almost any technical glitches, the actual content and discussion during the webinar was also very high quality, and us webinar coordinators were very happy to receive much positive feedback after the webinar.

The discussion ranged according to the the host’s introduction and the required reading list and we discussed issues such as biophilia, ecophobia, genetics, intersectionality, and so on. During this week we’ll still try to write the transcript of the webinar as well as a summary, both to be published on the EASLCE website in the not-too-distant future, so I’ll probably milk this one success for at least one more post.


I took this pic of a pesticide ad from a Finnish newspaper on the day of the webinar because it seemed quite fitting in the context of ecophobia. It’s in Finnish but the gist of it is how one should tirelessly fight one’s own lawn (if one has one) with a variety of chemicals.

My book review was also published recently, which I already trumpeted about. Then, I was able to get through the bureaucracy of having my postgraduate study points all counted in when I transfer to the University of Jyväskylä on August 1. Luckily, there are some very professional people involved in this transfer thing that we can trust on. Then, I’m still waiting to hear from some scholarships and have been busy drafting new ones as well in the hopes of getting enough funding to continue my dissertation project full time. Luckily, my supervisors continue to have faith in the project and to support me.


Pic of another Finnish scholarship application sent on its way.

I was also stoked to learn that the big book project that I’m involved with was finally given the decisive, official go-ahead, and the book is set to be published next year. I’m really glad of this, it’ll be nice to have an article in an actual book as I’m still old-fashioned enough to somehow see that as more prestigious than an open access, online publication, even though the latter may often in fact be more meaningful because of precisely the ease of access that people have to it.

There seems to be a bit of a boom on ecomasculinity (and ecomasculinities), gender and nature, and my research topic in general, as I’m aware of several publications that should hit the bookshelves in the next couple of years. Here’s one example of a recent call for contributions from ASLE’s webpage. Feels good to work on such a hot topic, especially as I see it as very important one not just considering academic life but also its  potential effect on the broader culture as well. My project’s also received some unexpected positive attention from abroad, which is always nice, as it doesn’t actually happen all too often in the academic life.

Aside from all this I have also tried to, you know, live a little. During the webinar week I managed to get away for a quick overnight trip to a classic Finnish crack climbing destination in the South-West archipelago. Good times, good climbing, good views, and a nice campsite by the sea. I should also attend a little trail running race this weekend on the still snowy trails of Lapland but I’ll have to see whether this little foot injury that I’ve been nursing allows me to go. I almost kinda wish that I couldn’t go because I have a lot of work to do but we’ll see.

Some pics from the climbing mini-break, including the view from our campsite’s “kitchen area”, some actual crack climbing, and one of the crags we visited.

Alright then, back to writing the summary of the webinar and then next week continuing writing my dissertation with hopefully good vigor.

Featured image (not visible in mobile theme) credit: quote master.org


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