Life In the Top 5%

“You’re now in the top 5% of researchers on Academia by 30-day views!”

I got the above email notification to my smartphone (until I get a sponsorship deal from ****e  I’ll just call it a generic smartphone) this past weekend and just thought that it was kinda funny. I actually thought it was a mistake of some kind, so quickly took a screenshot of the message:


I’m not sure what to really think of this but since this blog’s about all the the little stuff going on in the research life, I thought I’d just post it here, you know, just:


Credit :

Anyway, to keep me enjoying the unspeakable luxuries of this high life, go check out my research at and feel free to click around like crazy. Actually, when you look at the numbers in the photo above, it doesn’t take much to get in the monthly top 5%…

Incidentally, there’s been some talk recently about the practices of that some deem unethical but I’m not really fully convinced, so at least until something better comes along, I’ll still upload my stuff there.

In other news, there’s another interesting Call for Applications out in the universe. This time it concerns a week-long intensive school for PhD students involved with the environmental humanities. The location is the environmental humanities lab in Stockholm (yeah the Swedes are ahead of the curve as usual), the time this October, and the topic the vital one of how to get people outside academia involved in the kind of work that environmental humanities scholars do. Anyway, here is the CfA. Feel free to spread the news.

I wrote in the last post about being interested in applying for the Working-class Environmentalism workshop in Venice but this thing in Stockholm sounds possibly even more interesting, and more directly related to what I’m interested in and wish to achieve with my work. I’ll keep thinking about this and will consider submitting an application.

We also had another so called info event with the people from the University of Jyväskylä today about our transfer there in August. As per usual with these things, there are still more questions than answers when it comes to how exactly this transfer will go but I guess time will tell. I took a very artistic high quality photograph of the event:


So that’s it for now, I’ll get back to trying to make sense of lithic agency, geophilia, zoe, and so on. Ah the luxury.

Featured image (not visible in mobile theme) credit:


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