Some Goog Bloggin’

No, I’m not talking about my own blogging. I wish. Just wanted to recommend a few things from the blogosphere that I’ve read recently.

Shit Academics Say spread Alison Coil’s article in Wired on gender bias in research. Turns out male scientists have a hard time accepting the existence of gender bias in their own, supposedly objective, fields. Full link:

Politics and masculinities scholar Jiri Nieminen wrote on why the Green Party in Finland consistently wants to select male leaders, what this has to do with new masculinities, protest masculinity, etc. Jiri is an acquaintance from previous masculinities studies seminars, and his work on politics and masculinity is quite interesting. Full link (sorry, only in Finnish):

Aldo Leopold, Deep Ecologists, Pentti Linkola, and  many others, have one thing in common: a conviction that what is good for the biosphere (or, simplistically, nature) is also what is morally correct. This is, especially for an environmentalist, a simple and appealing idea. However, as always, things are not quite so simple, as Simo Kyllönen shows in his article. Full link (sorry, only in Finnish):

Extremeresearcher Jr and I recently took part in a children’s nature day organized by the local nature conservancy organization that we’re members of. Fun times slacklining, roasting tofu sausages, collecting specimens, and playing hide n’ seek.

I’ll be spending the rest of the week preparing for the upcoming EASLCE webinar with Ursula Heise. We had a test run yesterday to see that things are OK on the technical side, and I’m glad we did, because there were issues that it was good to get out of the way before the actual webinar on Saturday. We’re using Google Hangouts for the webinars and I have to say it’s not perfect. We’ve experimented with Adobe Connect but that was even worse. Some people like Skype but I’ve never ever had a Skype meeting go smoothly so I’m not enthusiastic about it. Facetime has worked well for me (and Erdogan) so far but that’s an Apple thing so it’s too limited. If anyone has suggestions for good softwares, I’m all



Featured image credit: Shit Academics Say


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