Cool Calls

I’m busily putting the final touches, as suggested by a journal reviewer, to a paper I’ve been working ages on. And, I’m also trying to find time to comment on my students’ essay drafts. But, in the midst of all this, I thought I’d just quickly advertise a few cool CfPs (Call for Papers) and CfAs (Call for Abstracts/Applications) that I’ve come across lately, also to remind myself that I should consider participating in these!

First, there’s a two-week Trans-Atlantic summer school at University of Minnesota in late June on “Transforming Environments in Europe and North America: Narratives, Histories, Cultures”. They state that “[t]he objective of the 2018 institute is to help graduate students frame and develop their dissertation projects to better address the past, present, and future of global environmental problems (such as climate change, biodiversity loss, toxic pollution, and resource depletion), along with the discourses and cultures that shape and are shaped by these problems. While the focus will be on the environmental transformations that have occurred in Europe and North America, the advent of the Anthropocene as a proposed epoch marking significant human impact on Earth’s geology suggests that these transformations cannot be accurately understood outside of a fully global context. In other words, the next generation of experts on German and European environments and environmentalisms will also need to be experts on the global flows of people, species, ideas, technologies, resources, and capital that transform those environments and social movements.”

This sounds pretty cool, and what makes the call even more attractive is that they provide successful applicants with the financing to actually go there and live there for the duration. I’m sure this makes the competition for places in the program very tough, but I thought I might still apply if I can think of a strong enough connection to my own research. For those interested in joining the competition, there’s more info here. Deadline for applications is March 1. I actually wouldn’t really have the time to apply as I should just be writing my thesis, but this does seem like a good opportunity, so I’ll think about it.

Along those same lines, EASLCE just announced a graduate student essay competition and I’ve been encouraged to participate. I’d love to do this but doing so could delay my graduation by several months, and I don’t really know yet what I should write about if I participate. Participating, and possibly placing well could, however, be good for my career, and there’d probably be another publication to be had with the essay, so I’m kinda thinking that I should do it. To make matters more interesting and the competition more competitive, feel free to spread the word! Full call here.


Our adopted rescue dog Sasha is doing well with us. He’s been part of the family for a month and a half now, and actually has his third birthday today! He’s gotten so used to regular runs with me that now that I’ve had a cold for the past couple of weeks and haven’t been running with him, he’s got a lot of pent-up energy and when we’re out just walking,  he keeps looking back at me and tugging and trying to take some running steps like he’s saying “Come on human, run with me!”. Anyway, here’s a pic from our recent excursion on sea ice. This same frozen sea makes for a nice shortcut to my wintry commute, and on my trek to work today I was kept company by a White-tailed sea eagle for most of it. She probably mistook me for one of those crazy ice fishers at first but after circling above me for a while and not seeing any fish, took off and hopefully found some actual ice fishers and their leftover fish later on.

And, there’s also a super cool-sounding conference on MOUNTAINS (!!!) in Canada in October. It’s “a triennial interdisciplinary mountain studies summit that promotes dialogue about mountain places, peoples, and activities around the world. It is an international meeting place for the best scholarship on mountains from the social sciences, arts and humanities, natural sciences, and other communities of practice.” If it wasn’t the weekend after the EASLCE conference in September, and if I actually had the money to go to this thing, I’d definitely try to get here! Link for all the details here.

To finish, here’s a couple of Nordic topics. There’s a workshop on “Ecocritical Perspectives on Nordic Children’s and Young Adult Literature” in Bergen, Norway, in the fall. Call here. And, there’s also a congress on “Sami film and eco media as cultural and environmental intervention” at University of Oulu next fall. All the info here.

Nordic topics are pretty popular in ecocriticism at the moment, and it would be interesting to participate, but unfortunately the topics are a little too far from my current research. As a PhD student I have to pretty much just focus on things immediately related to my dissertation and not branch out too much. Later in my research life I might then be able to more flexibly attend more varied things. Anyway, just wanted to give a shout out to those events and spread the word, in case any of my readers might be interested.

Alright then, I’ll get back to editing my paper. When that (and the next paper!) are sent on their way within the next month, I might have time to have a closer look at these calls that I advertised here, so we’ll see what happens!

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