Gender and Ethnography Conference Calls

Just a quick heads up for those who have not seen these calls yet: There’s an interesting-sounding ethnography conference at University of Jyväskylä in February, and the 2018 Finnish Gender Studies Conference takes place in Turku already in November with the theme “Trans in Transit”. Check the embedded links if these are of interest to you. The deadline for abstracts is August 31 for both of these conferences, so there’s still time to draft one (or two!).

Both conferences seem quite high quality, and interesting. I enjoyed the 2017 Gender Studies Conference at JYU, and can recommend the event. I’m busy right now arranging this weekend’s EASLCE webinar and drafting my new article, so I’m not sure yet whether I’ll be able to take the time to write an abstract myself, but we’ll see.

The ethnography conference especially seems quite interesting, but seeing that the material I’ve gathered so far will have to wait until I possibly some day do my postdoc, I’m not sure how beneficial going there would actually be for my immediate goals, i.e. trying to finish my dissertation.

And, while I had a good time at the Gender Studies Conference last year, there’s part of me that feels like gender studies per se at the end of the day is really only interesting to me as far as it is related to the “environmental side” of my research. Plus, I’ve already done a lot of gender studies conferences. That said, there is again (!) an interesting workshop on new materialisms there, and I happen to know one of the organizers of that, so if I have some extra time at the end of the month, I just might send an abstract in. But, like I said, we’ll see. In any case, it’s nice to see this confluence of gender and (implicitly ecocritical) feminist new materialisms also here in Finland.

That’s all the “serious” content for this post, but just wanted to share a fun throwback video to this past spring’s mountain trip below.

Some of my new friends were even photogenic enough to be included in slo-mo close-ups in the video. Anyway, the song in the video implies that mountain athletes are “born” to do what they do, which I thought was funny.

Eminent gender scholar Jack Halberstam has written an interesting book on Lady Gaga where she also touches on her Born This Way video and the, arguably essentialist, notions of it. Just for reference’s sake, here’s Lady Gaga to offer another viewpoint on being “born” to be or do something.

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