About Me


That Agent Smith sure likes talking about himself. Credit: quickmeme.com.

My name is Harri Salovaara, and extremeresearcher is my personal research blog. I am a Doctoral Student at the University of Jyväskylä and an English teacher at the University of Vaasa. In my free time I practice a variety of mountain sports and try to do my best at being a husband and a father and, at least try to adhere to the words of Gary Snyder and not “cause any unnecessary harm.”

My research is situated in the intersection of environmental humanities, critical studies on masculinities, and sports sociology, and my current doctoral dissertation project focuses on male mountain athletes’ relationships to the environment.

Besides writing my dissertation, I also teach English courses and am actively engaged in various academic organizations, where I, among other things, work as co-organizer of EASLCE webinars on various topics within the environmental humanities.


At work. Serious business. This time lecturing to an unusually young audience.

My dissertation is closely linked to my free time activities of running, skiing, and climbing in the mountains, and I consider myself to be lucky because my professional and free time pursuits are so mutually supportive.

Some of my most memorable experiences in the mountains include finishing long ultra marathon races such as the UTMB and experiencing the ethos of true skyrunning in races such as the Tromsø Skyrace, surviving ski mountaineering races in Arctic Norway despite being an awful downhill skier, and climbing long frozen icefalls in Northern Scandinavia and dragging myself to the tops of some of the bigger Alpine peaks.


Some memorable moments in the mountains.

Despite being passionate about my professional and free time interests, my time spent with my family is by far the most prized time of my life. I am lucky enough to be married to an awesome and talented wife who not only is an inspiring teacher but also a talented writer of fiction, and I am even luckier that the two of us have managed to bring to this world a wonderful little boy who is growing up at a pace I sometimes find hard to wrap my head around. I cherish my days both at home and traveling with my small family.


Some recent travel memories.

I hope that’s enough of me, myself and I. If you’re into following research dealing with the environment, gender, and sport, welcome along to follow the blog!

I am a member and supporter of:

Suomen luonnonsuojeluliitto  (Finnish Association for Nature Conservancy)


EASLCE (European Association for the Study of Literature, Culture, and the Environment)


ASLE (Association for the Study of Literature and Environment)



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