CfP: Masculinities Studies Conference in August at JYU

We now take another quick break for advertising: The Finnish masculinities studies society SUMS arranges a one-day conference/seminar on critical studies on men and masculinities at University of Jyväskylä in August. I have attended this happening in 2015 (at U of Helsinki) and 2016 (at U of Tampere), and last year attended the Finnish gender … Continue reading CfP: Masculinities Studies Conference in August at JYU


EHI: Remote Lecture Series

I've been a lazy blogging boy lately but thought I'd just write a quick little post advertising a cool lecture series arranged by EHI (the Environmental Humanities Initiative): CLIMATE AND ENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE, a NEARLY CARBON-NEUTRAL REMOTE LECTURE SERIES. Invited lecturers include such famous ecocritics as my former professor, Serpil Oppermann, and Kate Rigby, plus a … Continue reading EHI: Remote Lecture Series

Acceptances, Appearances, Applications

Wheew, it's been busy times but I thought I'd write a quick little post on a couple of new turns in the PhD student life. Besides the normal busyness, I've also had some annoying personal stuff going on, but I've mostly managed to work through that normally. Anyway, first, I mentioned in the previous post … Continue reading Acceptances, Appearances, Applications

March of Progress*

It's been a busy month due to a lot of work and some personal, hmm, "stuff". I've done a little travel, too, so haven't had time to update the blog in a while. But, here's a quick recap of recent events. Back in February, I managed to send two articles "out there" in the world, … Continue reading March of Progress*

Another Visit to JYU

February is already over halfway done, and I have one more deadline to meet before I can take just a small breather for a few days. I sent in a revised version of a long-time-coming article at the beginning of the month and still have until the end of the month to tinker with this … Continue reading Another Visit to JYU

Cool Calls

I'm busily putting the final touches, as suggested by a journal reviewer, to a paper I've been working ages on. And, I'm also trying to find time to comment on my students' essay drafts. But, in the midst of all this, I thought I'd just quickly advertise a few cool CfPs (Call for Papers) and CfAs (Call for … Continue reading Cool Calls

It’s a Wrap: Webinar on Ecological Immunity (and Politics, Ethics, Cli-Fi, etc.) Done

Whew, we just today finished with the third EASLCE Webinar of the year! The host this time was another prominent ecocritic, Dr Hannes Bergthaller. Overall, the webinar went well in the sense that I thought that the discussion was again very interesting and beneficial to the participants. On the downside, a couple of registered participants … Continue reading It’s a Wrap: Webinar on Ecological Immunity (and Politics, Ethics, Cli-Fi, etc.) Done