Mountaineering as a Spiritual Practice

A recurring theme when discussing climbing and mountaineering with people who aren't themselves involved with the practice is that climbers are seen as adrenaline junkies, macho (when male), and thrill seekers. Then, there is the sad misunderstanding among non-practitioners that Chomolungma (Everest, if you must) is somehow relevant to climbers, when in fact, most climbers … Continue reading Mountaineering as a Spiritual Practice


Scholar Activism, Activist Scholarship

I have a confession to make: I have never been arrested. I know, how embarrassing. Rosa Parks was arrested, Gandhi was arrested all the time, Arne Naess was arrested for environmental protest, and even celebs like Lucy Lawless and Daryl Hannah (below) have been arrested for standing up for the environment. Credit: Yeah I … Continue reading Scholar Activism, Activist Scholarship

New Publication: Book Review of Ecological Masculinities

Good news on the publication front! My book review of Martin Hultman and Paul Pulé's groundbreaking new book, Ecological Masculinities, is now published online at Men and Masculinities, the number one international journal on critical studies on men and masculinities. Screenshot below. I don't yet know in what paper issue of the journal the review … Continue reading New Publication: Book Review of Ecological Masculinities

Abstracts and Applications+

End of April is approaching, and I still have a bunch of stuff I should take care of. I'm writing a book review (my second one this spring!) that I have to finish and also wrapping up a pedagogical course to get closer to being an officially qualified teacher, and also working on an abstract … Continue reading Abstracts and Applications+

Trip Report: Ecological Masculinities and Mountains

I'm back from a very fun and successful trip to neighboring Sweden and Norway. The trip was in two parts: first, a seminar and discussions in Gothenburg on ecological masculinities, and then a solo trip skiing in the mountains of Norway. First, the professional part of the trip: The seminar was jointly arranged by the … Continue reading Trip Report: Ecological Masculinities and Mountains

Lon…Tampere Calling

I'm preparing to travel to Chalmers University in Gothenburg, Sweden, next week to attend a seminar on ecological masculinities but in the meantime, just a quick post advertising an interesting call for papers: The ENSCAN network  is arranging a workshop on Environmental Change in Nordic Fiction at University of Tampere in November. The deadline for abstracts … Continue reading Lon…Tampere Calling

Cli-Fi and Geophilia/phobia

I spent the past couple of weeks engrossed in N.K. Jemisin's The Broken Earth Trilogy. I wasn't familiar with Jemisin's work before but thanks to this handy, although Anglo-American-centric list of good cli-fi (climate fiction) reading, that's how I've spent my free time lately. "N.K. Jemisin wins best novel at Hugo Awards." Credit: CBC. I … Continue reading Cli-Fi and Geophilia/phobia