Good News! Got a Job! Read All About It!

All the blogging guides that I read before starting this blog said that you should update your blog as often as possible, preferably daily. Still, I feel embarrassed to be posting for the third straight day, as I usually only post a few times per month. But, I guess the good news I have qualifies … Continue reading Good News! Got a Job! Read All About It!


Progressing Along

So, I'm back from another trip up north and have settled back in the familiar work rhythm. This post will be another progress report where I quickishly discuss the recent goings-on. I once again attended the Abisko Ice Climbing Festival in Arctic Sweden. I've already collected most of the ethnographic data that I'll need for the … Continue reading Progressing Along

‘Tis the Scholarship Season

  I've been too busy to blog lately, as most of my time has gone to writing funding applications. I've been lucky enough to receive funding the past two scholarship seasons, i.e. spring 2015 (from The Graduate School of the University of Vaasa) and 2016 (from The South Ostrobothnian Foundation), but I now need one … Continue reading ‘Tis the Scholarship Season

Turkey Diaries: Part V a.k.a. Dude, You Must Be (field) Trippin’

I woke up in the middle of the night today because I was so psyched about my work that I just couldn't sleep any more but had to immediately write down the ideas that I had, and ended up writing a solid page of new stuff on the article I'm working on at the moment. … Continue reading Turkey Diaries: Part V a.k.a. Dude, You Must Be (field) Trippin’

Extreme Researcher Goes International

Fittingly enough, I'm writing this post sitting outside in warm sunshine just off the African Coast. However, before embarking on this week's actual blog post it's maybe worth noting that this blog is now ten posts old. I'm not entirely sure what that is in dog years but this baby sure is growing up fast. … Continue reading Extreme Researcher Goes International

The Horrifying Research Plan

"Nobody panics when things go 'according to plan'. Even if the plan is horrifying." -The Joker A doctoral student's research plan is a document that usually isn't of interest to anyone but the doctoral student herself. Then there are some poor souls such as fellow seminarians, dissertation supervisors, and people in various grant committees that have to … Continue reading The Horrifying Research Plan