Just a super quick report from the trenches: Credit: dictionary.com Well no, I don't smoke, and have different problems from people a century ago but wanted to write a quick report on what I've been up to lately. So, I'm busily editing two different manuscripts: One manuscript on ecomasculinity, etc. was returned to me by … Continue reading Drafting


Book Plug! Ecological Masculinities!

Ha, I couldn't resist taking a short fun break from article writing for a quick plug of this recent book that not only directly speaks to my own research but also mentions that research in a blushingly positive way: Ecological Masculinities by Martin Hultman and Paul Pulé: Credit: Routledge. I haven't got my hands physically … Continue reading Book Plug! Ecological Masculinities!

Men and Nature: Hegemonic Masculinities and Environmental Change

Geez I'm working with a fashionable topic! Credit: threedeepmarketing.com The Rachel Carson Center, one of the epicenters of ecocriticism in Europe, just published their newest Perspectives issue, which focuses on men and nature. The issue contains a Foreword by THE masculinities scholar Raewyn Connell, and an interesting Introduction, too. Credit: Rachel Carson Center. I'm so … Continue reading Men and Nature: Hegemonic Masculinities and Environmental Change

Busy Weeks

It's been a busy couple of weeks. I wrote a bit of a negative post a while back about things being so uncertain and having to just wait for stuff to happen, but luckily there's been lots of movement on that front lately. First, the EASLCE webinar on ecophobia took place last weekend and I'm happy … Continue reading Busy Weeks

Turkey Diaries: Part VIII (The Report Card)

Well well, the end truly is nigh. Christmas is upon us and my time here in Turkey is drawing to an end. It's now less than a week until I'm sitting in a plane headed back home. Hopefully. Winter has definitely arrived but from what I hear, the airport in Ankara usually functions perfectly well … Continue reading Turkey Diaries: Part VIII (The Report Card)