Cli-Fi and Geophilia/phobia

I spent the past couple of weeks engrossed in N.K. Jemisin's The Broken Earth Trilogy. I wasn't familiar with Jemisin's work before but thanks to this handy, although Anglo-American-centric list of good cli-fi (climate fiction) reading, that's how I've spent my free time lately. "N.K. Jemisin wins best novel at Hugo Awards." Credit: CBC. I … Continue reading Cli-Fi and Geophilia/phobia


New Webinar: On Ecological Immunity and Biopolitics in the Anthropocene

I'm happy to again publish the new EASLCE webinar, this time with Dr. Hannes Bergthaller, also here on extremeresearcher! The full call can be seen here. Date and Time: December 11th, 10 AM CET. Below is the main gist of it in italics: Environmentalist discourse has familiarized us with the idea that human beings are members … Continue reading New Webinar: On Ecological Immunity and Biopolitics in the Anthropocene

Ecophobia Revisited

The summary of the successful ecophobia webinar with Dr. Simon Estok this past spring is finally available on the EASLCE website here. The summary was mostly written by my colleague with whom I coordinated the webinar. I took the liberty of also posting the summary here, so here you go: Summary On May 22nd 2017 … Continue reading Ecophobia Revisited

Busy Weeks

It's been a busy couple of weeks. I wrote a bit of a negative post a while back about things being so uncertain and having to just wait for stuff to happen, but luckily there's been lots of movement on that front lately. First, the EASLCE webinar on ecophobia took place last weekend and I'm happy … Continue reading Busy Weeks

EASLCE Webinar on Ecophobia

I'm glad to announce the new EASLCE (The European Association for the Study of Literature, Culture, and the Environment) webinar also here on extremeresearcher. The webinar is hosted by prominent ecocritic Simon Estok and will take place on 20 May. I first got acquainted with Simon Estok's work and his ecophobia concept during my course … Continue reading EASLCE Webinar on Ecophobia

Turkey Diaries: Part Deux*

I've now spent the first of my three months at Hacettepe University in Ankara, Turkey. I was happy to enjoy the company of my visiting family for ten days but now that they've left, all I've got to do for the next two months is to focus on my studies here. This blog post will … Continue reading Turkey Diaries: Part Deux*