Life In the Top 5%

"You're now in the top 5% of researchers on Academia by 30-day views!" I got the above email notification to my smartphone (until I get a sponsorship deal from ****e  I'll just call it a generic smartphone) this past weekend and just thought that it was kinda funny. I actually thought it was a mistake of … Continue reading Life In the Top 5%

Working-class Environmentalism

The postgraduate forum for Environment, Literature, and Culture (ELC) announced a  new CfA (Call for Applications) on their website recently. The CfA concerns the annual conference/workshop for postgraduate students working with questions related to the confluence of environmental issues and culture. This year's workshop will take place in Venice, Italy (not a bad venue) on November … Continue reading Working-class Environmentalism

Preachin’ the Ecocriticism Gospel to the Young’uns

Believe in Ecocriticism, and ye shall be established; believe its prophets, and ye shall prosper! The first day of spring yesterday was a fun one. I was invited* to give a lecture on ecocriticism to a class of high schoolers at the international IB high school here in Vaasa. The idea was that since the students are right now getting ready … Continue reading Preachin’ the Ecocriticism Gospel to the Young’uns

Stone and Resistance

While I was studying ecocriticism in Turkey, professor Oppermann introduced us to Jeffrey J. Cohen's amazing book Stone: An Ecology of the Inhuman. I'm currently browsing the book again for my upcoming article on material ecocriticism and the male mountain athlete's embodied relation to nature. The book provides an absolutely fascinating look into the materiality and … Continue reading Stone and Resistance

ASLE Is Standing Up for Standing Rock

ASLE (Association for the Study of Literature and the Environment) has approached their members to sign a statement of support for the water protectors at Standing Rock. The statement is below in italics. I thought I'd just post it here to spread the word. If you're a member of ASLE, you too can sign. ASLE states … Continue reading ASLE Is Standing Up for Standing Rock

Turkey Diaries: Part 33 1/3*

Today, it is the fifth of November and I feel like a mad scientist. Mad in two ways, actually. First, kinda mad because the government of the country that I'm staying at decided yesterday to try to hush the arrests of opposition politicians by trying to block social media access. I've been very happy with my stay here … Continue reading Turkey Diaries: Part 33 1/3*

On Literature and the Environment

This week's blog post was originally going to be a follow-up to last week's post on nature but we'll interrupt our scheduled program with a quick announcement: I just received word yesterday that my book review proposal of The Cambridge Companion to Literature and the Environment, edited by Louise Westling, was accepted and will be … Continue reading On Literature and the Environment

The Three Fields, Part 1: Nature

As the tagline of this research blog suggests, its interests are threefold: extreme sports, environmentalism, and gender. Since the literary-academic extension of environmentalism, ecocriticism, is probably the least well known of the three fields of research where my study is placed, it might be beneficial to briefly introduce it here. I will then in upcoming posts … Continue reading The Three Fields, Part 1: Nature

The Point Breaks: Extreme Environmentalism and Extreme Polyathletes

Nothing quite says "academic rigor" like a film review, so why not do just that: here are some thoughts on the 2015 remake of the 1991 cult classic Point Break. No, a movie doesn't necessarily need to be 'good' in order to become a cult classic. Quod erat demonstrandum. The original Point Break movie focused … Continue reading The Point Breaks: Extreme Environmentalism and Extreme Polyathletes