Another Visit to JYU

February is already over halfway done, and I have one more deadline to meet before I can take just a small breather for a few days. I sent in a revised version of a long-time-coming article at the beginning of the month and still have until the end of the month to tinker with this … Continue reading Another Visit to JYU


New Issue of Ecozon@ (and Bonus: More Navel-Gazing!)

The new issue of EASLCE's online journal, Ecozon@, is now out. Or, has probably been for a while. I've just been too busy to pay attention. I should actually be writing the second draft of my book chapter manuscript but I'm procrastinating and reading new research and writing on the blog instead. In my defense, … Continue reading New Issue of Ecozon@ (and Bonus: More Navel-Gazing!)

New Book Review Out

This winter I wrote a book review essay of Hubert Zapf's excellent new book Literature as Cultural Ecology. Zapf is an important figure within current ecocritical scholarship, and it was an honor to be asked to review his newest book. Writing a three or four page essay isn't of course as big of a deal as … Continue reading New Book Review Out