2017 Year in Blogging Review and Looking Ahead

"Quantity has a quality all its own." -Napoleon Bonaparte It's already been two years and a day since I started this blog! So, the blog's 732 days old (Yeah I may be a humanities scholar and not that great at math but I do know that 2016 had 366 days, ha!). In 2016, I blogged … Continue reading 2017 Year in Blogging Review and Looking Ahead


Migrant Ecologies

The most recent issue of ISLE recently came in the mail. They now released the "Spring" issue very quickly after the previous "Winter" issue so maybe they're soon getting rid of their backlog. Anyway, just wanted to say a couple of quick words about this because I thought the issue has an interesting "Special Cluster" … Continue reading Migrant Ecologies

Activism and Ecocriticism

I finally got around to reading the recent issue of ISLE*. As usual, there were a couple of interesting articles in it and I found it especially interesting, considering the kind of times we're living in, that the contents were fairly openly political and activist-oriented. As I've discussed before, ecocriticism is an inherently political field … Continue reading Activism and Ecocriticism