2018 and 2019 Blogging and News

Extremeresearcher is now three years (and four days) old! Time sure flies... In 2018, I didn't quite reach my goal (what's new, eh?) of getting up to 100 total posts but I did manage to write 18 new posts, so 1.5 per month. I'm OK with that, since the principle has from the outset been … Continue reading 2018 and 2019 Blogging and News


March of Progress*

It's been a busy month due to a lot of work and some personal, hmm, "stuff". I've done a little travel, too, so haven't had time to update the blog in a while. But, here's a quick recap of recent events. Back in February, I managed to send two articles "out there" in the world, … Continue reading March of Progress*